• 6th International Conference on Mechanical Engineering and Renewable Energy

Invited Speakers

Topic: Post Pandemic rise of service robotics.

Brief: The pandemic has worked as a catalyst to the adoption of robotics. Perhaps, Covid19 is the biggest and latest socio-economic black swan event which has influenced almost everything including our lifestyle to social behaviour.
Since the pandemic has affected the physical closeness and cooperation of the human work force, service robots gained a lot of importance.
The session will cover the possibility of using robots safely alongside with human workers to form human-robot interactive and collaborative workforce addressing the mundane and difficult tasks.
Profile: Jayakrishnan is the founder and C.E.O of ASIMOV Robotics, a company provides solutions for various requirements in Medical & Healthcare, Space technology, Security, banking retail and Hospitality sectors. The company has been featured in the cover story of Forbes magazine in 2018 and 2020 as one of the most promising AI and Robotics companies in India.
Jayakrishnan has over 26 years of industry experience working with Robotics & AI, Embedded system design, Power control, Microprocessor design, SDK design, Video compression, and inertial navigation.
He has prior experience in providing robotic platforms and solutions to US, European, Canadian and Japanese agencies for Defense Space and Nuclear applications. He had successfully deployed 200+ robots across the world in geographies like US, Europe, Canada, Central America, and China.

Before launching ASIMOV Robotics, he was responsible for setting up a new engineering division of Energid India providing software and hardware services for robotics and machine-vision.

At Energid, he was responsible for the research development of supportive robotic hardware for the Actin robotic control toolkit. During his career with Energid, Jayakrishnan has been involved in managing many international project modules in the field of

• Homeland security and explosives handling
• Robotics systems for nuclear contamination handling
• Battle field extraction
• Medical/Surgical robotic systems
• Robotic training systems in sports /games
• Underwater exploration.